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Tube coiling is a specialised process in which the length of a tube or pipe is formed into a helical spiral shape that resembles a spring. The process is used to create bespoke tubes for a wide number of applications and environments, from the automotive industry to refrigeration and air conditioning and the distillation of alcoholic beverages. At TubeFab Ltd, we have the expertise to deliver tube coiling services.

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Coiled Tubing

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When Coil Tubing Is Used

Coiled tubes are seamless – there are no joints linking separate sections to each other – and so are often used in environments where the potential for leaks are intolerable, such as in the oil industry. Compared to straight tubing, coiled tubes also provide a much greater surface area within a smaller unit, so are useful where space is at a premium. This covers every scenario from refrigeration, where coiled pipe allows the heat exchange process between the refrigerant inside and the air outside to take place more quickly, to distillation. In this instance, impurities are removed from the fermentation process by passing the alcoholic vapour through a coiled pipe in a container of cool water to condense it into pure alcohol.

Most malleable metals can be coiled, including aluminium, copper, steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel. The diameter of the tubes can be as little as an inch or less up to several inches or more, depending on the requirements of the application; and the thickness of the pipe is also highly customisable. There are various configurations achievable too, from single and dual helices to nested coils and continuous spools.

A Specialised Service from a Specialist Company

To achieve the specification of coiled tubing you need for your project, you require a team of experts with the requisite experience, training and equipment. In the Hampshire area and beyond, that means TubeFab Ltd. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we have the expertise necessary to achieve the results you require.

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TubeFab are a family-run business with more than 50 years of experience in the tube manipulation and bending industry. Our team of experts will provide you with manipulated and fabricated tubular parts manufactured to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, reliable service each and every time. Call 01425 655 000 or email today.