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Tube end forming is a service that might be required in many instances and tubing applications. Essentially, the purpose of tube end forming is to create a connection between the tube and another object, whether that’s a further tube or otherwise. If you are looking for a company that can carry out tube end forming to exacting standards with a high degree of accuracy, TubeFab Ltd in Hampshire has you covered.

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Tube End Forming

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The Advantages of Tube End Forming

In many cases, fabricated tubing must be customised in order to connect it to another part. That might be a further length of tubing, or a piece of machinery such as a fuel pump, for instance. This involves having one or both ends of a piece of tube or pipe formed into a specific shape to achieve a fit. Correctly done, tube end forming ensures a better connection between two lengths of pipe or tube. This helps form a stronger connectivity, prolonging the life and function of the tube, and also ensures less chance of any leakage.

There are different requirements from the tube end forming process depending on the application and type of tubing. These might include expanding the tube end, which is often achieved by using a tapered mandrel and segmented fingers. In other instances, the tube end might need to be reduced to create a perfect fit, and this is done by using a fixed cone and segmented jaws on the exterior of the tube being worked on. Ram forming machines can expand or reduce the tube end, as well as beading or flaring them, according to requirement. Rotary spinning machines can again expand or reduce the diameter of a pipe end, but with more control over the process than can be achieved with a ram forming machine.

We’ll Use the Best Process for Your Application

Achieving the best results from the tube end forming process involves expertise to determine the requirements of the project and the best tools to use to meet them. With expertise gathered over half a century of working in the fabrication and manipulation of tubular parts, our team at TubeFab Ltd can deliver.

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TubeFab are a family-run business with more than 50 years of experience in the tube manipulation and bending industry. Our team of experts will provide you with manipulated and fabricated tubular parts manufactured to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, reliable service each and every time. Call 01425 655 000 or email today.